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Founded in 1949


It has indeed been a very fruitful year for all of us at Scholars Home. While on one side we have seen personal development of both Teachers and Students alike, on the other hand the school has grown by leaps and bounds-both in quality as well as quantity.

At Scholars Home we have always aimed at creating thinking individuals, inculcating a scientific temperament and finding solution to all issues cordially.

Within the few generation the world has changed by many folds. Education today is not only a device to help us get the required degrees but also create structures for us to adapt for a better tomorrow.

To have a share in the economic development we need knowledge both of subjects as well as value and this becomes the over all contribution of school education.

While the school celebrated its Blue Sapphire Jubilee, it has been another year of splendid academic achievements - not only the In-House exams but also the CBSE class XII Board Exams, Heartiest congratulations to Sahil Bhargav, Shubham Kaushik & Ananya Singh for topping the Science, Commerce and Humanities streams in the class XII Boards. Congratulations to Poorvi Saxena for scoring 9.8 CGPA in class X Board Exams. Congratulation to the teachers, parents and above all the students for giving the school such a wonderful result.

A special thanks to the parents and friends whose support makes all the difference and motivates our young scholars to achieve greater heights.

As we say at Scholars Home.

"If you have knowledge let the other light their candles at it !"

Plato had once said " The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life."

As educators we should ensure that children are prepared to flourish in the dynamic & changing environment. We aspire to make our students loyal ,persistent and humble so that they can make wise & ethical choices.

As a parent, alumnus or supporter if you have any thoughts or suggestions for new opportunities, I would welcome your contributions

Whenever I see the sincere efforts our faculty and staff are making and when I contemplate the intense sense of idealism that pervades the school, I am humbled and thrilled. Yet I am struck by how much more each one of us can and must do to meet the enormous public challenges we all face.

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