Large hostel building with modern amenities cater to the need of boys between the age of six to eighteen.Resident wardens and qualified staff look after the needs of the boarders day and night, the endeavour being to provide a home away from home.


A variety of special activities are organised regularly to create an environment where students learn to associate, interact and develop mentally and physically. Arranged after school hours, these activities also provide the opportunity to lead, to plan, gain self awareness and confidence. These include Horse Riding, Karate, Skating, Rifle Shooting, Music & Art, Excursions, Picnics, Hikes, Field Trips and Awareness Programmes. 


The School organizes special prep. periods each day, over and above the regular classes.Trained staff assistance is provided to help students perform better.

Extra coaching is provided to week students to raise their academic standard and is charged for by the school.


The School provides both vegetarian and non vegetarian diet but does not serve beef or pork. Special care is taken to provide a balanced diet of cereals, fresh milk, butter, eggs, cheese, meat, vegetables and fruit. On the advice of the Medical officer, special diets are also provided, when needed.

Health of children is paramount importance at Scholars Home. A team of trained and dedicated staff ensures cleanliness, hygiene and nutrition. A fully equipped Medical inspection Room under the charge of a full time nurse, looks after the students medical needs. Services of a qualified doctor take care of the child’s physical fitness and health. Minor ailments are attended to the hostel, but cases requiring specialised treatment are referred to our Medical Specialists and Consultants. Parents are informed about the progress of a child’s health if he is confined to bed for more than three days.In an emergency the Principal reserves the right to use her discretion to authorise required medical treatment and the administration of anesthesia in the interest of the child’s health. However, all efforts will be made to obtain prior sanction of parents and guardians.