The curriculum offers a wide mixture of educational, cultural, physical and recreational experiences in a beautiful, friendly and welcoming environment

The main objective of the Counselling Cell is to help students adjust to the demands and pressures of school life, think objectively and develop interpersonal relationships. It also helps student result conflicts that may sometimes be too difficult handle alone.The Cell also conducts aptitute, IQ and Psychological tests to ascertain the student’s potential as well as provide, constructive help. 


In recognition of a student’s outstanding performance in the field of academics, games, sports and extra curricular activities, awards, certificates, prizes, trophies are given as additional motivation.Scholarship are also awarded to deserving students who strive for academic excellence.


To instil in children a sense of belonging, team spirit, co-operation and a healthy competition, the School is divided into four Houses – Abhay, Vishal, Vikram and Gaurav.The activities and the progress of each House are looked after by House Masters and House Mistresses. Inter House activities help the students to prepare for the competition and the stress that lies ahead in life.