Against the backdrop of mountains and forests, large open fields are available for track and fields events and games like Cricket, Football, Field Hockey, Handball, kho kho, Kabadi, Karate, Gymnastics, Rifle Shooting and Horse Riding Concrete courts are available for Basketball, Badminton, Tennis and Squash.Spacious Assembly Grounds provide for regular exercise, demonstrations, P.T. displays and drill.

The School has its own camping grounds for regular Scouts and Guides activities, educational field trips, picnics, excursions, environmental awareness programmes and camps. The emphasis is not on winnig but playing the game for game’s sake and developing a healthy sportsman spirit.


Open Air Theatre and a Auditorium with a seating capacity of 1500 is available for the organization of Inter House activities and special events.

Along with academics, Scholars Home lays equal emphasis on physical development of the students. The School provides ample opportunity and facilities for active participation.


  1. Nature Park in a beautiful, natural setting to familiarise students with environment and ecology.
  2. Thermal swimming pool.
  3. Sports and Games Complex.
  4. Gymnasium.