Multifarious activities are planned and structured so as provide the students a medium for developing self-confidence, self-reliance, self-expression and assertiveness. The actual learning experience helps in the formation of an all round personality.

The School has a variety of indoor activities which form an integral part of education. The students are encouraged to participate in Art, Music, Dance, Drama, Photography, Electronic etc. These help student to plan, organise, lead, co-ordinate, time manage and gain self-confidence.

World-wide Interact Club movement provides a unique opportunity for students to share, exchange and participate in activities with their counterparts from different countries, thereby gaining both global and national perspective.

An annual magazine, it offers a unique platform for creative expression in poetry, prose, essay writing, caricature, compilations etc. hence encouraging and helping children to pave a way for themselves in the field of journalism and communication.

Scholars Home has its own camping grounds for regular Scouts and Guides camps, educational field trips, picnics and environmental awareness programmes. Facilities for Skiing and Water Sports are also arranged from time to time.